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Soil TrailerVisits - 5/2/17
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

April Meeting Dates - 3/16/17
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

The April 19, 2017 at 9:00 am : The Capitol Conservation District monthly board meeting will be held on  am at the USDA Service Center, 418 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes, WV 25313


April 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm: The West Virginia Soil Tunnel Trailer Plan of Work planning meeting. 


All are welcome to attend.

Agriculture Enhancement Program FY 17 First & Second Quarter Completed and Paid Practices - 1/3/17
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Agriculture Enhancement Program FY 17 First & Second Quarter Completed and Paid Practices

Keith Wallace     Nutrient Management     $396.23

Jeremy Grant     Invasive Species     $320.00

Diane Lumadue     LIME     $294.53

Danny Saunders     LIME     $418.50


Agriculture Enhancement Program FY 17 First & Second Quarter Approved Practices - 1/3/17
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Name                            Practice                     Cost Share Amount Up to

Sheila Trader                  Hay Reseed                       $75.40

Sheila Trader                  Pasture Reseed                  $280.00

John Chapman                Hay Reseed                       $130.00

Tracy Cunningham*          Hay Reseed                        $320.00

Tim & Tamara Bowen       Pasture (Emergency)          $100.00

Richard Durham              Pasture                              $40.00

Clay Bailey                     Hay Reseed                       $40.00

Dave Miles                      Hay Reseed                       $260.00

Sheila Trader                   Frost Seed                        $280.00

Keith Wallace                  Frost Seed                        $160.00

Tracy Cunningham*           Heavy Use                         $500.00

Richard Durham               Heavy Use                         $500.00

Clay Bailey                      Heavy Use                         $500.00

Sheila Trader                   Invasive Species                 $125.00

John Chapman                Invasive Species                 $82.32

Tracy Cunningham*          Invasive Species                  $49.00

Sheila Trader                  Lime                                   $511.20

John Chapman               Lime                                   $441.00

Glenn Childress             Lime                                   $273.75

Clifford Casto                 Lime                                   $589.50

George Miles                 Lime                                   $375.00

Clay Bailey                    Lime                                   $60.00

Keith Wallace                Nutrient Management           $277.70

John Chapman               Nutrient Management           $192.50

Lewis Burdette               Nutrient Management           $528.53

Clay Bailey                    Nutrient Management           $103.00

Calvin Bailey                  Nutrient Management           $868.21

Valerie Thaxton              Pollinator Planting                $225.00

Robert Wilmink              Pollinator Planting                $225.00

Danny Saunders            Pollinator Planting                $225.00

Robert Wilmink              Urban Ag                             $150.00

Carl Smith                     Urban Ag                             $150.00

Richard Durham             Urban Ag                             $150.00                

Sylvia Walton                Urban Ag                             $150.00


The West Virginia Soil Trailer Information and Rental Agreement - 10/4/16
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

The West Virginia Soil Trailer serves as a soil, water and agriculture specialty crops mobile learning center. Stationed at the Capitol Conservation District in Kanawha County, the WV Soil Trailer is available to service all of West Virginia.

The 100% ADA compliant unit has sculpted interior walls that depict a true underground world. The trailer showcases soil dwelling creatures, microorganisms, aquatic life and the roots that keep our grasses and trees fed as well as our food growing!

Soil is not just dirt, and water is not to be taken for granted. Both soil and water are alive and so important to our everyday life.

The Soil Trailer is available to rent through the Capitol Conservation District. Please contact Aimee Figgatt, District Manager at 304.759.0736 or email at ccd@wvca.us for more information.

VIEW OUR PHOTO ALBUM: https://www.flickr.com/photos/capitolcd/


Please see the attached PDF Rental Agreement in the lower left hand corner of this posting.

 Please contact the Capitol District Office for more information about our rental scholarships for schools, multiple day rentals and for the rental prices for other West Virginia Conservation Districts.


Agriculture Enhancement Program 7/01/16 to 6/30/17 - 9/29/16
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

The Agricultural Enhancement Program (AgEp) supports West Virginia’s agriculture community through implementation of cost-share practices to reduce soil erosion, and improving the productivity of agriculture lands. The program is administered by the 14 West Virginia Conservation Districts with assistance from the West Virginia Conservation Agency. Supported practices are determined by the Conservation District to address local resource concerns.

  • Through the program, financial and technical assistance are offered as incentives to implement best management practices.
  • Applications are reviewed once monthly during the regularly scheduled board meeting.
  • Applications are approved based on ranking criteria and availability of funding.
  • Practices must not be initiated until board approval.
  • ALL practices MUST be completed and receipts turned into CCD District Manager by June 1, 2017 for reimbursement. There are no extensions on this date.
  • Please call the Capitol Conservation District office at 304.759.0736 with any questions.
  • Applications may be scanned and emailed, but an original copy of the application must be brought or mailed to the district office at the address listed on our home page.

Lime Spreader Rental - 9/28/16
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

The Capitol Conservation District has a Stoltzfus WLS 20LRX Wet Lime Spreader that is now available for rent!

Please click the pdf link in the lower left hand corner of this post for contract and rental details.

Please click the links below to Stoltzfus spreaders for resource videos.





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