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FY19 AgEP Approved Applications - 8/24/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District has approved the following cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program contingent upon receiving state AgEP funds for FY19:

Lime Applications

Lloyd E. Harrell Jr.     Wesley Thompson    Robert Jiranek

James Bennett   Douglas Jarrell   Jeremy Rogers

Rosemary Smith    Robert Peck    John Kincaid

Pam Bailey   Benjamin Farley   Ken Scott

Jim Pate   Timothy Cox    Wayne Blankenship

Tommy Ellision    Helen Gross   Stacy Young

Garry Hall   *Randy Prince   Charles Pennington

Pond Cleanout Applications

Fred Akerberg     Bobbi McGraw    Michael Barnes

John Scott Jr.    Lonnie & Drema Johnson   Wayne Rhodes

Heavy Use Protection Area Applications

Carrie Ciliberti   Travis Redden   Ronald Testerman   Elijah Testerman

Water System Applications

Steve Dehart   Stoughton Gilkeson    Larry McClintic

Joel Neil Gwinn   Roy McDaniel

Exclusion Fence Applications

Chris Jackson    Caylee Perkins   Mary Miliam

Pasture Division Fence Applications

Terry Bennett    Allison Cyrus  

*Randy Prince currently serves as a Fayette County Supervisor on the SCD board.

The above approvals were made at the August 21, 2018 SCD Special board meeting.

The Southern Conservation District approved a pasture division fence application for Terry Bennett at their September 13, 2018 board meeting.   


2018-2019 SCD Officers and Directors - 6/14/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District held their annual election of board officers and directors at their June 14, 2018 board meeting. Results are listed below:

Virgel Caldwell                                 Chairman

Curtis Murphy                                   Vice Chairman

Dvon Duncan                                   Secretary

Oscar Vecellio                                 Treasurer

John Farrell                                     SCD/WVACD Director

Ray Lafferty                                    SCD/WVACD Director


Fiscal Year 2019 AgEP First Applicaiton Period - 5/31/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District will be holding their first application/sign-up period for the FY19 Agriculture Enhancement Program beginning July 5 and ending July 13, 2018.    Office hours are Monday - Friday   8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm.

The following agricultural practices will be offered for possible cost share:

Lime, Pasture Division Fence, Exclusion Fence, Water Systems, Pond Cleanout , Heavy Use Protection Area

If you are applying for lime cost share you will need to bring a current soil test report and a map of your farm. Maps are generally available from the FSA office.

For this sign up period the district has set a $2,000.00 cap per cooperator. ( Cooperators may only sign up one farm per application period). 

All completed applications taken will be ranked and presented to the District board for final approval based upon available funding.

Please contact the SCD office at 253-0261 if you have questions. 

The SCD office will be closed July 4 in observance of the July 4 holiday.

Notice to Engineers - Deadline to submit EOI has now passed - 5/18/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

Notice to Engineers

The Southern Conservation District covering Raleigh, Fayette, McDowell, Mercer, Summers and Wyoming Counties, is seeking firms/companies interested in performing engineering services for a period of one year with potential for a 2 year renewal that may or may not include, but not limited to engineering designs for Stream Restoration projects, 319 and/or agriculture best management practices or projects, development of watershed based plans, watershed dam inspections and designs, and channel and bank stabilization. Interested firms or companies need to have a strong civil engineering staff and be familiar wiith dams and have the ability to perform environmental assessments. Interested parties must submit an original and one copy of an Expression of Interest (EOI) by 3:30 p.m. on June 6, 2018 to the Southern Conservation District, 463 Ragland Road, Beckley, WV  25801. Envelopes must be marked EOI. For questions contact the SCD office, 304-253-0261. The EOI will be ranked by the Southern CD. Submission of an EOI does not guarantee work. The Southern CD reserves the right to reject or accept any/all EOI's. 

Approved AgEP Applications March 2018 - 3/19/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District approved the following cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program. The applications were approved at the March 8, 2018 board meeting * indicates the landowner is also a board member.

Frost Seeding Approved Applications

Cheryl Williams                             Harry Hylton

Robert Littreal                               Mitchell Dech

Alan Harper                                  Dennis Lilly

Jim Tolliver                                   Pam Bailey

Charles Oxley                              Josette Richmond

*Virgel Caldwell


Heavy Use Area Approved Applications

Michael Barnes                            Stoughton Gilkeson

Stuart Oxley                                 Kim Lane

Paul Fink                                      Michael Fink

Travis Redden                             Richard Pate

Kevin Okes                                  Shannon Daniel

Luther Bennett                            Jerry Bennett

Harold Wright                             Ronald Testerman

Beverly Landers                         Steve Dehart

SCD on Facebook - 1/18/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern CD is now on Facebook       Find us as your friend under SCD Beckley and on the business page as Southern Conservation District


Great opportunity to view our upcoming programs and events



December 2017 approved meeting minutes - 1/16/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

Attached are the approved board meeting minutes from the Southern CD December board meeting.




AgEP Second Sign Up Period - 1/3/18
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District is pleased to announce a second sign-up period for fiscal year 18 for the Agricultural Enhancement Program in our six counties.  The sign up period will be held for one week beginning January 22 and running through January 26, 2018.


The SCD office hours are Monday - Friday     8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.           Cooperators will need to provide a FSA farm map at the time of sign-up.

A current soil test is required for PH when signing up for Frost Seeding. Cooperator will need to provide the report.

Practices offered

Frost Seeding  OR  Heavy Use Protection Area         (MUST CHOOSE ONE)

One practice per cooperator per farm          a cap of $500.00 has been set.





Approved SCD Sept 2017 bd mtg minutes - 10/13/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

Attached are the approved minutes from the SCD September board meeting.


Annual Report 2016 - 2017 - 9/22/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

Attached is the Southern CD annual report for 2016-2017  (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)




SCD Annual Awards Banquet - 9/21/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District held their annual awards banquet at Tamarack Conference Center on October 3, 2017.  Meet and Greet started at 5:30 p.m.              Dinner and program began at 6:00 p.m.     Sixty people attended the banquet.


2017 Conservation Farmers were recognized for their conservation efforts and awards presented to district and county winners.  2017 Conservation Education awards were presented to Leisa Moran (2nd Place Photo winner in 2017 state photo contest) and Shelby Rose (1st place winner in 2017 state poster contest for grades 4-6).  The winning photo and poster will be entered in the national NACD contests.

Oscar Vecellio was recognized as the 2017 SCD Supervisor of the Year! Congratulations Oscar for the work you do for Raleigh County and for the SCD.




AgEP FY18 Approved Applications - 8/21/17
posted by: Verna Floyd



Attached is list of the SCD FY18 approved AGEP applications for financial assistance.   


SCD Member at Large Nominee 2017 - 8/21/17
posted by: John Crump

Congratulations to Marty Walker, WVCA Conservation Specialist.   Marty has been selected as the SCD 2017 WVACD Member at Large. 

Marty Walker


SCD 2017 Supervisor of the Year - 8/21/17
posted by: John Crump

Oscar Vecellio - SCD Supervisor of the Year and 2017 SCD Carroll Greene Nominee

Oscar Vecellio

Oscar serves as a Raleigh County Supervisor and as the SCD treasurer and building committee chairman


Congratulations to Oscar!     


American Chestnut Trees - 8/10/17
posted by: John Crump

The Southern Conservation District received 5 additional American Chestnut trees for planting at the YMCA sports complex center in Raleigh County (see attached picture).  The District also voted to become a member of the American Chestnut Foundation. 

Thanks to Dvon Duncan (pictured with trees) for encouraging support of the American Chestnut Foundation.




Board Vacancy - 6/1/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

Do you want to serve and represent your county?   At this time the Southern Conservation District has a vacant seat on their board for McDowell County - this term expires in 2020.

Are you a landowner in McDowell County?

Are you an active or retired farmer with a least 5 years of farming experience?

Do you have a strong interest in conservation of West Virginia's natural resources?

If so you may qualify to be come a supervisor representing McDowell county on the Southern Conservation District board..

The deadline to apply is July 5, 2017 by 3:00 p.m..   

Application forms are available at the Southern CD office, 463 Ragland Road, Beckley, WV.   Stop by and ask for an application form OR call the SCD office at 304-253-0261.

SCD Plan of Work 2017-18 - 6/1/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

 Attached is the 2017-2018 SCD Plan of Work.


FY18 First AgEP Sign Up Period - 5/10/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

Fiscal Year 18 AgEP sign ups for the Southern CD will be held July 5, 2017 thru July 14, 2017 at the Southern CD office, 463 Ragland Road, Beckley, WV.  Office hours: Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Cost share practices offered for the first sign up period for FY18 are:

Agricultural lime

Pasture Division Fence

Exclusion Fence

Water System

Pond Cleanout


Current soil test are required to apply for lime - please bring your soil test report with you at the time of sign up.


Call the SCD office at 253-0261 if you have questions on the sign up period or programs.   Thank you.

Farm Field Day - 4/19/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern CD held a Farm Field Day on John Farrell's farm in Summers County on June 16, 2017.       Thanks to everyone that attended and to all the vendors and agencies that assisted with the Field Day.


A special THANKS to John Farrell for hosting the field day on his farm!!   




Ag Day 2018 - 3/1/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District prepared a display for Ag Day highlighting SCD programs and the AgEP cost share program.   Becky Floyd, WVCA Administrative Services Assistant III/DM  and supervisor Ray Lafferty attended  the Ag Day breakfast and worked at the display.  

AgEP cost share approvals 2 16 17 - 2/24/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

See attachment for AgEP cost share approvals made by the SCD board at their Feb. 16, 2017 meeting. 

Randall Patton - 2/6/17
posted by: Verna Floyd

The Southern Conservation District welcomes Randall Patton of Roderfield, WV to the SCD board. Randall will serve as one of the two McDowell County Supervisors. 

State Women in Ag Conference - 11/7/16
posted by: Verna Floyd

See attached picture                       Southern Conservation District supervisor Dvon Duncan participates in the WVU Women in Ag State Conference held at Glade Springs Resort November 4-5, 2016.




American Chestnuts - 11/7/16
posted by: Verna Floyd

See attached picture            Dvon Duncan, SCD Supervisor, accepts the FIRST TWO American Chestnut seedlings for the Southern Conservation District American Chestnut Restoration Project.


FY17 Approved AgEP Applications - 8/17/16
posted by: Verna Floyd

Attached is the complete list of FY17 approved AgEP applications.     This action was taken at the August 11, 2016 SCD board meeting.


SCD Officiers/Directors 2017-2018 - 6/15/16
posted by: Verna Floyd

FY18 Officers and Directors for the Southern CD

Virgel Caldwell             Chairman

Curtis Murphy               Vice Chairman  (Curtis was appointed to fill this position in April 2017)   

Dvon Duncan               Secretary

Oscar Vecellio              Treasurer

Dvon Duncan and Ray Lafferty    Directors to the WVACD 

Curtis Murphy serves as the alternate director to the WVACD

AgEP Sign-up period for July 2016 - 5/2/16
posted by: Verna Floyd

We are very excited to announce the next AgEP sign up period for the Southern CD.   The sign up period will run from July 5, 2016 through July 15, 2016.  You MUST have your soil test report with you at the time of sign up if you are interested in the cost share programs which require a soil test report - for more information on the program please contact Marty Walker-Owen at the Southern CD office at 253-0261 or at 304-951-9168.  If you do not have your FSA farm map you can get that at the time of your visit from the FSA office.   The SCD office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 


The first sign up period will include the following cost share practices: Lime, Exclusion Fence, Pasture Division Fence, Pond Cleanout or Watering System.   

We anticipate our 2nd sign up application period to be in January of 2017 - at that time we will offer cost share on: Nutrient Management (fertilze), Frost Seeding and Invasive Species Managemtn for the spring season.



AgEP approvals for first sign up period - 9/15/15
posted by: Verna Floyd

Please find attached a complete list of all cooperators approved for AgEP cost share at the Southern CD September 10 board meeting.





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