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AgEP Cost Share Program Sign Up May 1st - May 31st - 5/10/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

Cost Share Assistance Sign Up AgEP May 1st - May 31st

Lime    Fence    Cover Crop    Frost Seeding   Pollinator Habitat   Water Systems

All forms to sign up for the district's cost share program are listed on this site.  We are offering seven (7) practices.  The practices are:  lime, division fence, exclusion fence, cover crop, frost seeding, pollinator habitat and water systems.  To make sure you have a completed application refer to the check sheet we have provided on this web site.  You must provide a practice application or applications.  There is a limit of two practices for no more than $4,000.  An IRS Form W-9 needs to be completed for the individual that makes application.  You will receive a 1099 in January for any payments over $600.  A WCD Conservation Agreement also referred to as  "Cooperator Form".   A current map of your farm with field clearly marked.   Soil test reports are required for some practices, a soil test can be up to three years old for new applications and up to two years old for fields that have received lime through our program.  If you are not the landowner and lease the property a copy of the lease agreement will need to be submitted.  There is a lease agreement form available to you if you do not already have one in place.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.  We are available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Closed on May 8th and May 28th for Election Day and Memorial Day.

Forms can be found under  "Programs"

Ravenswood FFA Takes First at Grassland Evaluation Contest - 5/1/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

18th Annual Grassland Evaluation Contest held at WVU Jackson’s Mill

For the second consecutive year, a team from Ravenswood in Jackson County and a team from Clay County finished first and second in the West Virginia Grassland Evaluation Contest at WVU Jackson’s Mill. High school junior Katlyne Rollyson, also of Ravenswood, had the highest overall individual score.

For their success during the 2018 contest, members of Ravenswood Team 1, who finished first, and the Clay Future Farmers of America Gold team all received scholarships. The scholarships are worth $500 per team member for Ravenswood and $250 per team member for Clay FFA Gold.

Rollyson, a member of Ravenswood Team 2, also earned a $500 scholarship for her top individual performance.

This competitive contest is open to high school level FFA or 4-H members in West Virginia. Teams typically consist of four but sometimes fewer students. The contest is held each year during the West Virginia Beef Expo at Jackson’s Mill in Lewis County.  

The Ravenswood and Clay County teams are eligible to participate in the Mid-America grassland competition scheduled for Springfield, Mo., in June.       

The Grassland Evaluation Contest consists of four segments where the participants must evaluate the pasture condition as it is. These sections include grassland condition, soil interpretation, wildlife habitat, and plant identification. Each contestant is also given a scenario that provides a quantity and type of livestock a landowner has and must determine if the forage matches the livestock. If the two do not match the contestant is required to give recommendations to the landowner to make his operation productive.


The Grassland Evaluation Contest was developed by the West Virginia Grassland Steering Committee which is made up of farmers, educators, scientists, conservationists, and government agencies across the state. The committee is an advocate and proponent for improvement and continued wise use of grassland to improve water quality and maintain healthy and productive land and maximize profits. The goal is to improve the participants' knowledge of grassland management.


Ten teams participated in this year’s contest. The top five performers were: Ravenswood Team 1 (952 total points), Clay FFA Gold (943), Cabell Midland FFA Team 1 (931), Fayette County 4-H (827) and Ripley FFA (763).


Members of Ravenswood Team 1 are: Whitney Pifer, Brooke Whited, Kaitlin Murray and Ben Smith. The members of Clay FFA Gold are: Clarissa Keiffer, Samantha Hicks, Darren Ray and Isaac “Ozzy” Childers. The third place team, Cabell Midland FFA Team 1, includes members CJ Simpson, Cheyenne Jackson, Marlee Norris and Faith Irwin.  


The top individual performers were: Katlyne Rollyson (361 points), Whitney Pifer (341), Brooke Whited (333), Clarissa Keiffer (324) and CJ Simpson (318).


If you would like more information on how to participate in the competition, visit www.wvca.us/education/grassland_contest.cfm or contact your local conservation district.   


Ravenswood Wins WV Envirothon 2018 - 5/1/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson





Welcome to the Western Conservation District...Established in 1940 - 2/26/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

Click the link to load the program.


AgEP Program Sign Up May 1st - May 31st 2018 - 2/26/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

The Agriculture Enhancement Program (AgEP) sign up will begin May 1st and end on May 31st.  Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Applications will be taken at the Western Conservation District office at 224C First Street, Point Pleasant and at the Jackson County USDA Service Center, Ripley at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office.

To apply for some practices soil test results will be required.  Please read "Limits"  and "Cost Share Rate" listed under the practice you are considering.  Also, pay attention to the completed by date as these dates have changed for the 2018 program.


Board Meetings 2018 - 1/5/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

Western Conservation District meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Mason County USDA Service Center in Point Pleasant.

January 23rd  *3rd Thursday Meeting was Re-Scheduled due to a conflict with the WVACD meeting

February 22nd

March 15th

April 19th

May 17h

June 21st

July 19th

August 16th

September 20th

October 18th

November 15th

December 20th

AgEP Financial Assistance Approved for 2017 - 8/2/17
posted by: Sherry Pearson

The Western Conservation District has approved the following cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program.   

Updated as of August 15, 2017 Board Meeting.    

Approved for the practice of Lime:

Don Hussell

Beverly Casto                               

Greg Taylor                                  

Donald Johnson               

Elizabeth Wilson              

Timothy Hunt                              

Dan Foglesong                 

John McCarty                               

Don Barr                           

H&H Farms LLC                

Donnie Ennis                                

David Mercer                               

Robert Michels                

Leonard Kessell                

Robert Harless                             

Carol S. Young                  

Roy McClure                                

Mike Stone                                   

Fred Zuspan                                 

Patty Wood                                  

Pat Boggess                                  

Jeneva Crum                                

Samuel Craddock             

Alisha Cain                                   

Alan Staats

Scott Cornell                                

Joe Casto                          

Everett Randolph             

Harry David Snowden      

Leona McFann                 

Timothy Witt                                

Roger Wood                                 

Edmund Austin                

Russell Phelps                                                      


Approved for the practice of Frost Seeding:

Mike Stone

William Maynard             

Boyd Williams                              

Dale Stone                                    

Forrest Deweese              

Keith Casto                                                                       


Approved for the practice of Cover Crop:

Charles Lipscomb, District Supervisor                                                             


Approved for the practice of a Water System:

Neil Bumgarner

Duane Duffer                                            

Samuel Craddock                    

Trenton Schoonover                              

Kenneth Keebaugh                

Ben White                                  

Ed Smolder                                

Pat Boggess                               

Robert Parsons                                        

Loretta Kelly                                              

Edward Stoffel                                         

Jason Parsons                                           

Beverly Randolph                    

Stephen Bird                                             


Approved for the practice of Exclusion Fence: 

Lewis Elliott

Joey Stewart                                             

Mark Martin


Approved for the practice of Division Fence:

John McCarty

Loretta Kelly                                              

Shane Loomis                                           

Ed Smolder                                

Neil Bumgarner                                       

Trenton Schoonover

Lime Spreader for Rent - 2/28/17
posted by: Sherry Pearson

The WCD has a two-ton Stoltzfus Lime Spreader for rent to District Cooperators in the counties of Mason, Jackson and Putnam. 

A $100 deposit is required

Rates are:  $100 first day, $50 each additional day (pick up by 11 a.m. today, use next full day return by 9 a.m. the following day)  Weekend Rate:  $150 (11 a.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Monday)

For more information or to schedule the spreader contact the WCD office at 304-675-3054.  To reserve the spreader contact the Ripley NRCS Field Office at 304-372-6231 x 3.  The spreader is housed at the Jackson County USDA Service Center.



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