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Northern Panhandle District

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Approved FY18 AgEP Applications - 10/12/17
posted by: Veronica Gibson
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Equipment Rental - 11/14/16
posted by: Veronica Gibson

The NPCD offers the follow equipment for rent to District cooperators:

No-Till Drill                                          $8 per acre - $50 minimum

2 Ton Lime & Fertilizer Spreader        $50 per day

Aerator                                                $35 per day

Weed Wiper                                        $35 per day

Sprayer                                               $35 per day

Contact the District office at 304-238-1231 for more information.

Services Available - 8/23/07
posted by: Veronica Gibson

The Northern Panhandle Conservation District believes that it's primary purpose is to be of service to landowners.  It tries to make as many services as possible available to cooperators.  The following is a list. which the District and our conservation partners have to offer:

 1.  Farm Planning with Aerial Photo
 2.  Soils Information
 3.  Contour Strip Layout
 4.  Technical Advice on Conservation Tillage and No-Till
 5.  Home Site Soils Information
 6.  Pasture and Hayland Management
 7.  Soil Survey Report of Each County in the District
 8.  Design and Layout of Spring Developments, Waterway Diversions, Tile Drainage, Erosion Control Practices, Windbreaks,  
      Ponds,Stream Bank Stabilization, Animal Waste Facilities and Nutrient Management Plans
 9.  No-till Seeder
10.  Spring Boxes
11.  Back-Pack Sprayer
12.  Three-Point Hitch Fimco Sprayer
13.  Four Wet/Dry Lime and Fertilizer2/Ton Spreaders
14.  8 foot Aerway Aerator
15.  Review of Sediment Erosion Plans
16.  Stream Monitoring Training
17.  Topo Maps of District for Sale


Agriculture Cost Share Programs - 8/21/07
posted by: Veronica Gibson

Thanks to generous appropriations from the U.S. Congress and the West Virginia Legislature, Conservation Districts throughout West Virginia offer a variety of cost-share programs to assist farmers in the improvement of land, the enhancement of water and soil quality and the improvement of forage productivity.  These programs complement existing United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs and are designed to help farmers reach the goals of their conservation plans.  If you live in Brooke, Hancock, Marshall or Ohio County and would like more information, contact the Northern Panhandle Conservation District at (304) 238-1231.


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