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Proposed Contracted Projects

The fourteen (14) Conservation Districts may utilize a competitive bid process for project contracts above $2,500.00.  Examples of work include stream blockage removal; 319 Non-point Source projects; and operation, maintenance, and repair on flood control structures.

Job Showing Attendance Is Mandatory - Job Specs are received at the job showing only.

To be eligible to bid on project contracts, contractors must be present at the job showing and must arrive prior to the listed Job Showing Time to receive the Notice to Prospective Bidders.  Contractors arriving after the Job Showing Time will not be permitted to participate.


1. Bid Schedule Sheet (page from "Notice to Prospective Bidders")
2. Company/Business Data Sheet (page from "Notice to Prospective Bidders")
3. No Debt Affidavit (page from "Notice to Prospective Bidders")
4. Drug Free Workplace Confirmation Affidavit (page from "Notice to Prospective Bidders")
5. Contractor's License
6. Business License
7. Certificate of liability Insurance
8. Bid Guarantee (If Required)

Bids will be rejected if the Contractor's License, Business License, and Certificate of Liability Insurance are omitted unless stated otherwise in job announcement.

Any omissions of paperwork or data on the paperwork will cause the bid to be rejected

Criteria for Contractor's License, Business License, and Certificate of Liability Insurance are as follows:

1. A copy of your current WEST VIRGINIA CONTRACTORS LICENSE from the approved West Virginia Division of Labor Contractor Licensing list located at the following link:

The required classification(s) will be listed in the posting for each project below.

2. A copy of your current WEST VIRGINIA BUSINESS LICENSE


During the bid evaluation the contract specialist will ensure all proper documentation listed above is received and accurate.

The evaluation process will also verify the contractor is in good standing with:

1. State Debarred Vendor list

2. Federal debarment or Suspension list

3. Default on Unemployment Taxes

4. Employer Violations List for Unemployment Taxes

5. Default on Workers' Compensation

6. Employer Violators List for Workers' Compensation


Contractors are encouraged to routinely check for updates to locations and times (including postponement and cancellation) up to 24 hours prior to the Job Showing Date.

Questions may be directed to contracting@wvca.us.

Listed upcoming projects:


Contract Number:   2017-07-06 CS 319 GVCD Snake Run AM
Project:   Snake Run Adaptive Management
District:   Greenbrier Valley
Project Location (county/counties):   Greenbrier
Job Showing Date:   07/06/2017
Sign In Time:   10:45 AM
Job Showing Time:   11:00 AM
Job Showing Location:   Exxon Alta Gas Station,13194 Alta Drive, Asbury, WV 24916
POC (304) 558-2204:   Edward Cox

B - General Building

C - General Engineering

002 – Excavation


Location to meet is the parking lot area of the Exxon Alta Gas Station, 13194 Alta Drive, Asbury, WV 24916. Grid coordinates (37.865739, -80.554623).  From Interstate 64 use the Alta/Alderson/ route 12 exit (exit 166 of I-64).

The work will consist of supplying all equipment, labor, and materials required for the reconstruction and restoration of Snake Run, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  This project will require the excavation of approximately 1,221 feet of channel using natural channel design techniques on the main stem and portions of two tributaries.    The Installation of Boulder Cross Vane, Boulder J-Hook, Boulder Vane, Rock Constructed Riffle, Log Riffle, and Temporary Stream Crossing in designated areas.  Bidder/Contractor will preform post construction site reclamation on all disturbed areas of the construction site.

The time frame for work is 20 calendar days.


Prospective bidders/contractors shall submit a Bid Guarantee in the proper form and in the amount of five percent (5%) of the bid price.  Bond will be payable to the Greenbrier Valley Conservation District.


The Awarded Contractor for this project shall submit a Performance Bond in the proper form and in the Full Amount (100%) of the Contractor Bid at the time of acceptance. 

This is a Fixed Price contract with Bid Schedule Sheet.

Must attend job showing to participate in the bid process. Sign-in will be from 10:45 AM to 11:00 AM. NO Contractor will be allowed to Sign-in after 11:00 AM unless they were present at job show location prior to 11:00 AM and waiting in line to sign-in.


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