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3rd Quarter 2019 Report - 10/22/19
posted by: Jessica Nichols
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posted by: Jessica Nichols

Equipment for Rent by Cooperators


Little Kanawha Conservation District has rental equipment available and also offers items for sale to encourage and support the installation of conservation best management practices.  Before you can rent equipment you must have completed an "Equipment Rental Form" and paid a deposit where required.  The file attached below is for the lime spreader, please complete it and return to the district with the deposit after scheduling your dates.  Thank you. 

Items for rent are:

No Till Drill, $15 per acre

Lime Spreader, 2 Ton $50 a day rental

Lime Spreader, 4 Ton $70 a day rental
Weed Wiper, $50 a day rental

Fertilizer Spreader, $15 a day rental

Seeders - electric & PTO $15 a day rental

Sprayers $35 a day rental

Soil Probe, $100 deposit free rental

Items that we currently have for sale are:

Geo-textile fabric .90 ¢ a linear foot by 12 ½ foot width for a whole roll

Geo-textile fabric $1.00 a linear foot cut to length

Spring Boxes 

18" x 24" $29.50 
18" x 30" $36.88
18" x 36" $44.25
18" x 42" $51.63 
18" x 48" $59.00 

Copper Pipe with Clamp $24.00

Concrete Lids for Spring Boxes $28.50 

Float Valve Assembly Plastic $35.00

Float Valve Assembly Galvanized $68.00

Float Valve Assembly Copper $81.00


Please call the district office to schedule rental and for availability and current prices at 422-9088 or email LKCD.