Capitol Conservation District serves the residents of Kanawha County by providing unique programming to urban producers, as well as traditional farming operations in Kanawha County, WV.

CCD Board of Supervisors

Agricultural Enhancement Program Applications

If you have not registered as a Cooperator with the Capitol Conservation District you will need to fill out a  and  W9 Form as well as the application for the program(s) you are looking for.
Please print, fill out, and mail completed application(s) back to:
418 Goff Mountain Rd. Suite 102
Cross Lanes, WV 25313
If there are any questions please contact via email at or by phone at 1-681-781-8378.

Bale Grazing Frost Reseeding Hay Reseeding
Heavy Use Area Invasive Species Management Lime Application
Nutrient Management Pasture Reseeding Pollination
Pond Cleanout Roof Runoff Urban Agriculture
Honeybee Nucleus Colonies    

District Information

CCD Oct 18th, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes - 12/5/23
posted by: Natalie Salmon


1. AgEP Application Approvals

a. Lisa Jordan Roof Runoff $2,000.00

b. Lisa Jordan Heavy Use $2,000.00

• Clyde Bailey made motion to accept the new applications & send letters of approval

• Diane Lumadue2nd motion

• All in favor. Motion carried

2. AgEP Payment Approvals

a. Michael & Candice Davis Urban Ag $425.98

b. Erica Parker Urban Ag $500.00

• Diane Lumadue made motion to approve payments and send for processing

• Clyde Bailey 2nd motion 

• All in favor. Motion carried