What has AgEP accomplished

Accomplishments Over the Years

Our news letters show some of our previous Ag Enhancement accomplishements in detail.
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BMP totals to date (More totals to come):

Here are a few examples of how the Ag Enhancement program has helped West Virginia landowners

Cover Crop Total Acres: 30,217 Critical Area Planting Total Acres: 11
Exclusion Fence Total Feet: 653,287 Frost Seeding Total Acres: 15,235
Heavy Use Protection Sq Feet: 591,087 Integrated Pest Management Acres: 80
Lime Program Total Acres: 136,656 MicroIrrigation Total Sq Feet: 6,320
Lime Program Total Tons: 364,616 Litter Transfer Total Tons: 26,089
Pasture Division Fence Feet: 1,347,505 Pasture Seeding Total Acres: 9,318