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posted by: Sherry Pearson

The WCD has a two-ton Stoltzfus Lime Spreader for rent to District Cooperators in the counties of Mason, Jackson and Putnam. 

A $100 deposit is required

Rates are:  $100 first day, $50 each additional day (pick up by 11 a.m. today, use next full day return by 9 a.m. the following day)  Weekend Rate:  $150 (11 a.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Monday)

For more information or to schedule the spreader contact the WCD office at 304-675-3054.  To reserve the spreader contact the Ripley NRCS Field Office at 304-372-6231 x 3.  The spreader is housed at the Jackson County USDA Service Center.

AgEP Cost Share Program Sign Up May 1st - May 31st - 5/10/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

Cost Share Assistance Sign Up AgEP May 1st - May 31st

Lime    Fence    Cover Crop    Frost Seeding   Pollinator Habitat   Water Systems

All forms to sign up for the district's cost share program are listed on this site.  We are offering seven (7) practices.  The practices are:  lime, division fence, exclusion fence, cover crop, frost seeding, pollinator habitat and water systems.  To make sure you have a completed application refer to the check sheet we have provided on this web site.  You must provide a practice application or applications.  There is a limit of two practices for no more than $4,000.  An IRS Form W-9 needs to be completed for the individual that makes application.  You will receive a 1099 in January for any payments over $600.  A WCD Conservation Agreement also referred to as  "Cooperator Form".   A current map of your farm with field clearly marked.   Soil test reports are required for some practices, a soil test can be up to three years old for new applications and up to two years old for fields that have received lime through our program.  If you are not the landowner and lease the property a copy of the lease agreement will need to be submitted.  There is a lease agreement form available to you if you do not already have one in place.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.  We are available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Closed on May 8th and May 27th for Memorial Day.

Forms can be found under  "Programs" beginning May 1, 2019.

Welcome to the Western Conservation District...Established in 1940 - 2/26/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

Click the link to load the program.


WV Century Farm Program Expands to Include Sesquicentennial and Bicentennial Farms - 2/26/18
posted by: Sherry Pearson

The WV Century Farm Program that honors farms that have been in a family for 100 years, has expanded to include 150 and 200 years of being a family owned farm.

To see if your farm or a family members farm qualifies for this recognition program, click on the link below to review the rules and application.  The application must be received in

the Western Conservation District office by April 1st.   In the year you apply. 


A family member must be involved in the day-to-day operation of the farm.  The farm must be at least 10 acres of the original holdings and gross more than $1,000 annually.

Farms will be recognized with a sign designating the farm either as a century, sesquicentennial or bicentennial farm at the district's annual awards banquet held in the fall. 



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