wfcd Board of Supervisors

Agricultural Enhancement Program Applications

If you have not registered as a Cooperator with the West Fork Conservation District you will need to fill out a Conservation Agreement and W9 Form as well as the application for the program(s) you are looking for.
Please print, fill out, and mail completed application(s) back to:
87 Ollie Lane STE 104
Mt. Clare, WV 26408
There will also be a dropbox outsde to the door of the building to drop off applications.

Most practices will require a recent (within the past 3 years) Soil Sample as well. If you have not had one please also bring a sample and the Soil Sample Submission Form as well.

• Conservation Agreement • W9 Form • Soil Sample Submission Form

You can hover your mouse cursor over the practice to see a brief description of that practice.
Fence Application Frost Seeding Hay Reseeding
Heavy Use Area Lime Application Nutrient Management
Pollination Watering System Winter Grazing

District Information

August 10th, 2022 Board Meeting Date - 8/9/22
posted by: Robin Ward

The WFCD Board of Supervisors will meet on Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 at 9 a.m. at the Oxford Grange Hall in West Union, WV. Questions about the meeting should be directed to Robin Ward, Administrative Specialist for the WFCD/WVCA.