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Agricultural Enhancement Program Applications

If you have not registered as a Cooperator with the West Fork Conservation District you will need to fill out a Conservation Agreement and W9 Form as well as the application for the program(s) you are looking for.
Please print, fill out, and mail completed application(s) back to:
87 Ollie Lane STE 104
Mt. Clare, WV 26408
There will also be a dropbox outsde to the door of the building to drop off applications.

Most practices will require a recent (within the past 3 years) Soil Sample as well. If you have not had one please also bring a sample and the Soil Sample Submission Form as well.

• Conservation Agreement • W9 Form • Soil Sample Submission Form

You can hover your mouse cursor over the practice to see a brief description of that practice.
Fence Application Frost Seeding Hay Reseeding
Heavy Use Area Lime Application Nutrient Management
Pollination Watering System Winter Grazing

District Information

WFCD Meeting minutes Oct. 2022 - 11/18/22
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